Chef Florabel’s restaurants are must-tries for food lovers! Find out which one you want to dine in first by clicking on any of the restaurants below.


A restaurant that is as elegant as its name promises.

With its iconic vaulted ceiling, a typical lunch or dinner here will uplift your senses. It is a place where stunning interiors will captivate you as much as its cuisine. Bold red walls, lovely chandeliers, candelabras, and beguiling paintings—a cathedral comes into mind.

But its food is certainly closer to the heart. Corazon celebrates timeless Filipino-Hispano cuisine that is well loved by generations, but made even more sumptuous by Chef Florabel’s touch. Whether it’s Callos, Paella, or the Lechon Kawali-topped Laing, the dishes are bound to satisfy your palate and soul. Reminiscent of your grandmother’s grand feasts for the whole family, the dishes are made with lots of flavor and love.


Authentic Filipino cuisine is served with a sophisticated twist. In other words, “turn of the century Filipino dining,” which is one of Chef Florabel’s ingenious brands.

Most of the menu items are coined with character names from Rizal’s novels, and rightfully so, because every nibble is a mouthful that hits home. It’s a fusion of lola’s secret recipes sprinkled with style and flavor that will satisfy the buds and bellies of the 21st century. It is a fine dining experience that is not intimidating, both for all types of Filipinos and for all types of wallets!



Elias is a mélange of an elegant Filipino home during the Spanish colonial period, and a modern, classy Filipino restaurant of the 21st century.

The stylish yet cozy ambience and artistic food presentation are topped with the rich flavors that will make every Filipino proud, and every foreigner’s palate fly back for more. Innovative dishes like the signature Monroy, the famous and original laing pizza, is a delectable treat for all.



Located in the posh and prime Greenbelt 5, Felix is an inviting, architecturally elegant restaurant that offers no less than fine dining. The ambiance is sophisticated but not stiff, with a very courteous and knowledgeable staff welcoming and serving guests.

Dine at Felix for an overall dining experience that is refreshing – an escape from the ordinary.





A fine dining restaurant in no less than glitzy The Podium, offers an excellent spread of Filipino and continental dishes. With the Chef who has mastered the art of flavors in a wide array of cuisine, every single dish is always cooked to perfection – the texture, the consistency, the aroma, the tang – all in perfect condition for an unparalleled gastronomical pleasure, while the plating, the cutlery, the furniture and interiors, are all meticulously put together for a perfect setting that is refreshingly elegant.

Johnny Chow


The menu can both gratify the curiosity and imagination of the adventurous, as well as satisfy the specific cravings of those who are more traditional. Classic meets pop culture in sight and taste, while friendly and knowledgeable servers wait your tables in classy-pop fashion. Take a seat on one of the famous customized chairs and recognize familiar faces. Better bring your camera with you for take home snap shots of your crazy, filling chow-time!

Don’t settle for Asian. ‘Coz there’s amazing Asian cuisine only at Johnny Chow!

Market on 5th Ave


Known for world-class healthcare excellence, St. Luke’s Medical Center in Global City, Taguig, is the fitting location for Chef Florabel’s world-class dishes. The menu is a good spread of Asian cuisine, and the atmosphere is refreshingly non-hospital! In the neighborhood? Drop by the Market on 5th Avenue for affordable yet flavorful and healthy eats!


Mr. Franks


Mr. Franks Hotdogs and Nachos Co. by Chef Florabel livens up your movie experience with an exciting range of hotdog sandwiches and loaded nacho chips.


Sisa’s Secret


Sisa’s Secret is a lot more casual. In fact, the whole idea behind it is to revive the quaint dining experience of dining in a carinderia… wherein you can enjoy the “turo-turo” style of choosing food.